Top 7 Skills Every Great SEO Professional Needs to Succeed

If you are looking to venture into the SEO field, this article will come in handy. It might not be a usual list of technical skills, but it will help you get on the right foot and serve as a foothold in the competitive SEO industry. 

Critical and Analytical Skills

This is one of the key skills that an SEO Professional should have, as it spills over to the further skills that will be covered in this article. With an analytical foundation, the professional is able to use ‘the cause and effect’ when analyzing data. You need to have the right thought process to not only understand the process of dealing with problems but also use the available data and information to develop a long-term solution to them.

Incredible writing and speech skills

As an SEO professional, you will need to perform keyword research on different topics. This research will be outlined and summarized in the form of blogs, articles, and article posts that will have to not only rank well but also lure in the target audience with good content.

You will also need to speak at conferences and forums. You will be asked to advise institutions and brands on how to accomplish their SEO goals. Not everyone is knowledgeable about SEO speech. You will have to explain SEO terminologies, such as white and black hat SEO strategies, to laymen.

Programming and coding skills

This is a contentious issue since there are a number of SEO Professionals who have no programming skills but are responsible for high-ranking pages. Our argument, however, is that with skills and knowledge in programming, they can do an ever-better job.

In SEO strategies, you will need to make changes to site speed, navigation, rendering, and microdata tagging among any more. All these require some programming knowledge.

Soft skills

SEO is about making relationships. You might be dealing with websites and company pages. This is, however, just a portal. On the other side of the websites, you have a person just like you with emotions and the need for certain products and services. Soft skills allow you to empathize with the clients and consumers.

Manipulation of Data

Have you ever heard of Concatenates, Vlookups, and Excel functions? These are some of the knowledge needed in every SEO Professional’s skill set. You will need to collect, analyze and interpret data as an SEO Professional. Prepare yourself for late nights measuring the impact of changes to keywords, navigation speeds, and metadata on your target audience.

Data skills are invaluable for an SEO Professional.

Motivation and Push

As an SEO professional, you will find yourself being contacted by clients who are not in your time zone. What does that mean? Your work is being recognized and that there is nothing like an 8 to 5 SEO job. You will have to adapt to working long hours and develop a thicker skin when it comes to handling clients.

Indulge in some humor

SEO jobs can be quite stressful. And taking into account the significance of mental and emotional health, it is considered important to step back when life takes its toll on you. During hard times, be ready to incorporate humor and make your life and that of your employees easier.