Top 5 SEO Companies in Belfast

Website and page optimization has become a necessity for most brands and companies. If you are located in Belfast and Northern Ireland and are looking for an SEO company, these are the ones to call upon.

Website Design Belfast

Whether you are just starting out or are an accomplished brand/ company, you must receive value for your money’s worth. Most organizations are on the lookout for an affordable yet experienced SEO and website design company. Website Design Belfast is such an option.

The SEO company is a local and experienced organization whose quality services are known for increasing your reach in the area. They not only help to grow your reach on search engines but also on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Oliver Spence Creative

As you pretty much know, the SEO industry is quite competitive and your page cannot rank highly overnight. The team at Oliver & Spence Creative has created an affordable and top-tier packaged service to make your page stand out in your industry.

To help on your road to SEO dominance, the SEO company has three packages for you to choose from. Each has its own services and would fit your brand or company differently depending on several issues. Contact the team at Oliver Spence Creative today for more information.


This is one of the leading SEO Companies located in Belfast. Some of the notable companies and brands that they have worked with over the years include the Belfast Telegraph, Rocwell Natural Mineral Water, the Signature Works, and Barclay Communications.

The company not only offers SEO and digital marketing. As a premier service provider in Belfast, they also offer web design and development services. This comes as an added advantage since you can build your page from scratch at Gekkoshot and have your products and services reaching your target audience at the same time. It is the one-stop solution you need.

Vindicta Digital

For your Belfast SEO needs, you will require a company whose services are recognized by others in the industry. Vindicta Digital is on the international map, having been recognized and singled out by Forbes for its quality and tailor-made website building, coding, and SEO services. The company has worked with several businesses and companies in Belfast, and they guarantee working results.

While they offer local services for Belfast companies, this has never been an upper limit for them. If you want to dominate other markets or the entire world (if you wish), this is the company that you can rely on and trust in to deliver.

WSI Digital Ltd

The view from the top always looks nice, right? That’s what this experienced Belfast SEO company promises. With the service provider as your partner, you can rank highly, increase your awareness (either on a local or national scale) and drive traffic to your website.

The company has over 10 years of experience offering its services to clients from all manner of industries and companies. They can apply their skills and knowledge to your website at an affordable price.