How to Write Compelling CTAs for Your Instagram Posts

If you are a business in the fashion or book industry, it might be a bit hard to sell your product. You are competing ferociously with others. For you to separate yourself, you need to have developed certain qualities that will intrigue your customers and make them take action, that is, buy your product. Writing attractive statements is a part of the marketing and selling department that you might want to invest in. A good start is to have experts in writing and marketing in your team so that you do not struggle at all about creating a “financial muscle”.

This concept also applies to Instagram business people and bloggers and online marketers on other social platforms. You should have the following rules and tools for interesting call-to-action prose.

Tease your followers

This is what we call a “hook”. Imagine that your audience is fish in the water and all they are waiting for is bait. So, where’s the bait? You need one if you are going to catch the fish. Teasers are an excellent tool to use. You can tell your audience that something is coming soon. Make sure you really deliver something interesting, unless you want to lose your credibility and reputation.

Spy on your competition.

If you are stuck, this is the best way to come up with an idea. It’s good to be realistic about the levels of creativity you can hit every time you sit to write a call-to-action script. At times, you will produce the best thing that has ever happened, just satisfactory or the worst. Despite stealing like an artist from your audience, you will get to understand the words and style used in your niche.

Be short and straightforward

There’s a lot of information on Instagram. Think about how you use your Instagram account. You should scroll away from the things that are too long and don’t make so much sense. Most of the time, people just take a glance at your publishing and go on to the next post, and they rarely stop and pay attention. So you need to write CTAs that are short, concise, and detailed with contact information. This means that the product will speak for itself or the customer’s curiosity will drive them to click on the account to see more.

Focus on the customer

You are writing to sell to them. You need to tailor your writing for their needs and wants. The motto is ‘to fall in love with your customer’. For instance, instead of saying ‘Contact us on 07**, say, ‘You can contact us on 07**’. Note the difference?

You should also change the design of your product if the preferences of the customer change.

Use filters, effects, and emojis

The goal is to be as attractive to Instagram users as possible. As much as persuasive your writing is, couple it with associative emojis and filters to amplify the message. This generates more clicks and makes you look more easy-going than your competitors. And if you want to reach even more audiences, you can make use of extra tools like SimplyGram boost service or any other options which will assist you in your desire.

Enforce the use of power words

Layman terms are used to make other people understand what you are talking about. You should render your content in a clear and appealing manner. Besides, you must make your statements sound natural and close to your clients. This will embrace trust among your customers, as you will not force them to click on a link or purchase your product.